Cytac® Shotshell Carrier 12GA Shotguns


Shotshell Carrier
Compatible with Mossberg 500, 590 & 590DA, etc.
12GA shotguns

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Shotshell Carrier holds 6-round 12GA shots. It is mounted to Mossberg shot gun for easy access and fast reload.

· Lightweight, polymer shotshell carrier.
· Easy installation, requires no alterations to the shotgun in most cases.
· All mounting screws are included, no gunsmithing required

Color: Black

· x2 Allen Key of different size.
· x1 10/32 screw with washer.
· x1 1/4-28 screw with washer

1:  Remove 6 little hex screws from the shotshell carrier to expose two tapped hole in the mounting plate.
2:  Lay the shotgun on its side with the ejection port facing down.
3:  Using the supplied big screw with washer, push out pin (A) located above and to the rear of the trigger guard. Leave screw in hole.
4:  Turn the shotgun over and place the mounting plate on the receiver with the two corresponding holes on the two screws.
5:  Start screws into the mounting plate and lightly tighten. Do not overtighten. Overtightening may lock up the shotgun’s action. To remedy, simply loosen screws.


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